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Playing Rugby With Dyspraxia by Tom Remp

Saturday, as the song goes, is a rugby day. For every rugger that means the shrugging off of our every-day facades and becoming, for a few brief hours, someone different. Investment bankers morph into bleeding-headed warriors, marketing experts throw themselves over heaped humanity with barrel chests, lawyers claw forward up the field with hands grabbing desperately at their ankles, and school teachers sit and spit blood from torn lips, eyes blinded by sweat. From the blow of the first whistle, to the final seconds before the sound of the last, and the beer swilled, mud caked drink-up that follows, we feel special. Other men, our friends and colleagues, sit at home at their televisions while we run through sleet and snow, rain and sun, braving the elements for the chance of a glory, few but us care about or understand.

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Tree Fu Tom: Combating Dyspraxia

Tree Fu Tom is about a boy who can magically transform himself to enter a tree in his garden and become part of the Treetopolis world of butterflies, sprites, bugs and naughty fungi. David plays Tom’s best friend, the often over-excited acorn sprite Twigs.

The exercises Tom encourages young viewers to do have been specifically designed to improve the co-ordination of children with dyspraxia (often known as clumsy child syndrome) which is said to effect one in ten of the population.

‘I would never have imagined a programme like this could be used in this way to help combat dyspraxia,’ says David. ‘It will be fascinating to see if it does have a positive effect. The children will certainly have a good time trying.’

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Gift to me

A Parent sent Warren this video about their child who has Verbal Dyspraxia.

Dyspraxic is chosen to run the Olympic torch

A KEEN runner who has a life-long condition which affects his co-ordination has been named as the first Wokingham person to be a torch bearer for the Olympic Games.

Kieran Wassell, from Emmbrook – and supported by St John The Evangelist in Woodley – has been selected to carry the Olympic flame when it arrives in Reading on July 11.

The 24-year-old said: “It is such an honour and I was over the moon about it when I found out.

“I do a lot of running for the Dyspraxia Foundation and they nominated me to be a torch bearer.”

Kieran, who works at Morrisons in Woosehill, was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when he was just nine and turned to running as the condition meant he found team sports challenging.

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What Is Dyspraxia? by The National Center For Learning Disabilities

Brianna Silver organizes bake sale for the Foundation

Below is a clipping featuring one of our teen advocates, Brianna Silver, about how and why she organizes a bake sale to help Dysraxia Foundation USA.

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Bri Article

BBC Breakfast – Sophie Aldred

What exactly is Dyspraxia?

Please note that Dyspraxia Foundation USA does not promote any specific doctor or medial treatment but does display the video as something educational.


Tyrone and Lyndon Dyspraxia Documentary

Dyspraxia Foundation USA A New Chapter to Understanding

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