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Dyspraxia & Martina

Marcie Fraser from YNN Time Warner interviews a family dealing with Dyspraxia.

Please send in this clip to your local press in order to help increase awareness for Dyspraxia and the meet and greet on the 15th of December, 2012!

NASCAR Denny Hamlin 11 Dyspraxia PSA

Denny Hamlin Gives a PSA for Dyspraxia Foundation USA

Dyspraxia in the workplace

Dyspraxia is a Pain, poem by Katherine Jones age 9

A Short Video on Dyspraxia in Children

Gift to me

A Parent sent Warren this video about their child who has Verbal Dyspraxia.

What Is Dyspraxia? by The National Center For Learning Disabilities

BBC Breakfast – Sophie Aldred

What exactly is Dyspraxia?

Please note that Dyspraxia Foundation USA does not promote any specific doctor or medial treatment but does display the video as something educational.


Tyrone and Lyndon Dyspraxia Documentary

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