Board Members

Warren Fried

Warren Fried is the President and Founder of Dyspraxia Foundation USA. He has made it his mission since 2005 incorporating the first Non For Profit in 2006 to help children, teens and adults living with both DCD and Dyspraxia. Warren spends his time responding to emails, phone conversations, working with the media, press, government, and well respected Non For Profit Foundations to have a better sense of knowledge for a very common disorder but highly complex Neurological impairment. Warren also provides support for consultancy for IEP/504 and Webinar Services. When Warren is not working to educate the masses on the disorder he has a very fun and energetic dog named Bella and a beautiful wife named Elissa. This coming Summer Warren looks forward to adding new members to the Fried Household as he and his wife are expecting Twins and cant wait to be a Work at Home Dad helping his children to develop and learn and grow.

Theresa Bidwell

Theresa A. Bidwell is the Board Vice President. She graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in Psychology. Living in Cleveland Ohio, Theresa is married and the mother of three boys. Their oldest child (now age 20) was originally given a general diagnosis of Autism at age five (5). After years of seemingly endless appointments with various specialists and medication trials, her son continued to progressively spiral out of control throughout his teenage years. Driven by a strong conviction that her son’s condition was more than just Autism, Theresa finally connected with Warren Fried and the Dyspraxia Foundation in 2010. For the past four years, she has been active with the Foundation. She is an executive account manager specializing in technology finance. Theresa also is the president of Bidwell Designs, a unique jewelry retailer. Theresa is also an active member of the community supporting various non-profit causes.

Claire Haft

Claire Haft moved to Greenwich 4 years ago, relocating from Harlem with her family. Locally Claire has worked locally as a member of the JLG, Greenwich Historic Society, Greenwich international Film Festival, Audubon Society as well as served as Arts Enrichment Advisor to Greenwich Public School system. Her family is active both at Trinity Church (through which IJM work) and Hebrew Wizards here in town, and Claire continues to do editing and film work. Before moving to Greenwich, Claire worked as the Vice President of the Random House Publishing Group and worked in various non-profits and Boards in NYC, most notably East Harlem Tutorial Program and the British Academy of Film and Television. Claire has 3 children Louie 6 , Selma 5 and George 3 along with a bulldog named Carnage, a cat named Sweet pea and a parrot named Ivy. Her husband Ian eagerly escapes daily to NYC where he is a Partner at Cornwall Capital.

Elissa Fried

Elissa Fried is happily married to the Founder of Dyspraxia USA and have been married since 10/10/10. Elissa attended Indiana University and has a degree in Legal Studies. Elissa has a very difficult job to keep her husband highly organized and structured but has learnt ways to teach him how to be structured throughout his day. She is very proud of her husband for all the work he does for those with DCD and Dyspraxia to have appropriate placement and supports and allocated therapy. She has 2 great brothers and a loving mother and is happy to be a big sister and supporter of those with the disorder and help families during meetings and events and proud of all the growth of Dyspraxia USA and her and her husband’s future within life and the Foundation. She is also a loving mother of Bella Fried a 6 pound poodle and looks forward to starting a family of her own soon.

Jeremy Kareken

Jeremy Kareken is a writer, educator, and actor. He serves as the researcher for Inside the Actors Studio, has appeared in a few films, and his plays have been seen on three continents. He teaches business communication at New York University and for a number of private clients in the worlds of business and politics. He served as a writer for former governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Mitchell I. Fried

Mitch resides in Florida, where he practices law with the assistance of his wife, Fern. As you may have guessed, Mitch and Fern are the proud parents of Warren Fried, the founder of Dyspraxia USA. Mitch has been actively involved with Dyspraxia USA since its earliest beginnings, and has served the organization in various capacities, including secretary, treasurer and board member. As the parent of a child with Dyspraxia, he is well aware of the challenges presented to parents in raising a child with the condition. His goal is to educate America about Dyspraxia and to help those in need to obtain the services they require.