Doctors & Therapists

The following medical providers are professionals who have contributed their time and expertise to Dyspraxia Foundation USA, but as a charitable organization Dyspraxia Foundation USA cannot endorse or recommend any medical providers. If you email the doctor for advice, the information received without seeing the doctor, should not been taken as true medical advice, treatment plan or diagnosis.

Gloria Levin, Head OT, Chicago

Paula Beckett Herrington, MS CCC-SLP

B. Susan Orloff, Head OT in Atlanta

Beth Osten, Head OT

D.Rebecca Pokluda, OT and Degree in Kinesology, Kid Work Therapy Services

Pearl Reiger, Head Diagnostician

C. Maude Le Roux, Head OT for a Total Approach

Alyse R. Siegel, M.Ed., Educational Diagnosis

Matthew J MacCarrick, MD FAAP, Pediatric Intensivist