Bri Silver’s Story

Bri Silver proves everyday that people with Dyspraxia shouldn’t be defined by their limitations.

At 17, she is a champion swimmer and horseback rider who is using her accomplishments to inspire others with the disorder.

Diagnosed with Dyspraxia when she was a young child, Bri remembers feeling anxious and different because she couldn’t do things like play catch, ride a bike, jump rope, swing or write well.

“I felt different from other kids because I couldn’t catch or throw and gym class was always an issue,” she said. “I just couldn’t always execute things.”

But Bri soon discovered she had other talents, and that’s a message she shares with other children struggling with Dyspraxia.

“Even if right now, it seems like you’re never going to be normal and you’re never going to be able to accomplish the things you want to, it’s OK to not be normal,” she said. “And you will be good at something. There’s something out there for you.”

Bri’s parents, Gary and Helene, are extremely proud of their daughter for her accomplishments, her perseverance and the person she’s become.

“She’s really turned a negative into a positive,” Gary said. “We’re very proud of her.

“Bri has learned great ways to cope with her disorder,” he said. “It’s really the perseverance and the personality. If you let it be something that brings you down, it will bring you down. But if you really look at it and you do your best and focus on being the best you can be…you can be the best at whatever it is.”