Colin Lockerbie’s Story

Meet the Lockerbie family.

Twins Aidan and Colin are 6 years old and the best of friends. Colin was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at age 4 and began receiving early intervention in preschool.

His mom, Kate Lockerbie, said Colin is a kind person who makes friends easily. While he learns and processes information differently and struggles with some motor skills, Colin excels in other areas.

“I think he’s compensating with other skills,” his father, Robert Lockerbie, said. “I think he’s really good at some things and maybe a little bit advanced because of it.”

Colin’s parents have high hopes for his future.

“I think he’ll find his purpose,” Robert Lockerbie said. “He’ll make it.”

Even so, like other families living with Dyspraxia, the Lockerbies wish people were better informed about the disorder. Kate said she often feels like she has to “explain” Colin to other people, and that’s unfair to him. “It complicates everything,” Kate said, “and takes away from part of his childhood.”