Jordan Bradberry’s Story

Since her son was a toddler, Jessica Anderson knew something was different about him.

Jordan didn’t talk until he was 2, and for years, his mother had to translate so others could understand him. But each time she pressed doctors and educators for answers, they had none to explain why Jordan was lagging behind children his own age.

Luckily, Jessica discovered the Dyspraxia Foundation USA Website and began piecing together a diagnosis based on what she learned from other parents and the organization’s founder, Warren Fried.

Recently, Jordan, who is now 8, and his family moved to another state where their experiences have been more positive.

The counselor at Jordan’s new school was familiar with Dyspraxia and enrolled Jordan in occupational therapy even without a diagnosis. Later, Jordan’s new pediatrician referred him to a neurologist, who confirmed Jessica’s suspicions.

“Jordan was one of the children who fell through the cracks,” Jessica said. “It’s very heartbreaking knowing that there are others just like him who are also falling through the cracks.”