Sarah Hamlin’s Story

Desperate to know what was going on with her daughter, three years ago, Vikki Hamlin went Googling for a diagnosis.

Remembering the questions doctors had asked during daughter Sarah’s appointments, Vikki typed in her various symptoms and got a hit: dyspraxia. A call to Sarah’s pediatrician and a follow-up appointment with a pediatric neurologist proved that mom and Google were right.

Sarah, who is now 9, is a persistent, sweet, kindhearted child with a talent for storytelling. Thanks to the support of her parents, older siblings and a positive school environment, Sarah has learned to ride a bicycle – without training wheels. At school, she’s working on improving her memory and retention of information.

Still, Vikki wishes there was great awareness of dyspraxia. Most people aren’t aware that it’s a disorder, and they think she’s just making excuses for Sarah, she said.