Warren Fried’s Story

Warren Fried is the founder and executive director of Dyspraxia Foundation USA.

He spent his entire childhood knowing he was different from other children. He felt stupid and struggled with depression. He grew up feeling isolated. He was bullied horribly and even felt rejected by certain family members.

It wasn’t until Warren moved to England at age 19 that he learned about Dyspraxia and realized he had the disorder. In the United Kingdom, Warren found the support and acceptance he’d been searching for his entire life.

He wants to bring the same level of awareness and support to the United States through Dyspraxia Foundation USA.

“There are too many people slipping through the cracks,” Warren said. “If I can help families, and I can educate the masses, then I’m doing a good thing by helping myself and by helping others.”

Elissa Fried said her husband has a selfless dedication to raising awareness of Dyspraxia so that other children and their families don’t have to endure the things he did.

“Everything he does, he’s doing for other people,” she said. “And he’s doing it for these reasons: He grew up uncomfortable. He grew up being bullied. He grew up not knowing. And he doesn’t want other people growing up that way.”

Another goal of Warrens is to lift the taboo of Dyspraxia.

“People think because it affects everything you do, let’s just not talk about it,” he said. “It’s OK to be different. Not only is it OK, there’s 10 percent of the population who are living the same lives that you’re living. It’s OK to speak about it. You’re not alone.”

“I want to thank Elissa for being the best wife and being such a caring, loving and supportive person during the re-launching of the Foundation. Her support and patience has been nothing but excellent. Having her in my life truly makes me a better person.”